Drivetrain Services

The drivetrain conveys power from the engine to the wheels and controls the amount of torque. It also allows the car to change and engage the gears. The drivetrain is comprised of three primary components – the engine, the transmission and the wheels, as well as the clutch, transaxle, c.v. joints, differential, axles and drive shaft.

Drivetrain problems often occur in the clutch system (in manual transmissions), the speedometer cable, the gear shift mechanisms and the flywheel. Located at the base of the clutch, the flywheel wears out, causing the clutch to slip. The drivetrain is compromised when this occurs, and the vehicle may be unstable at high speeds. A problem with the transmission is often signaled by a scraping or grating noise when moving. This issue can also affect the drivetrain system by making it difficult to maneuver the vehicle. Hard vibrations or a rough ride may be a sign that your vehicle’s drivetrain is deteriorating.

Our experts have the training and equipment necessary to efficiently diagnose your vehicle’s drivetrain problems.

Our technicians will:

  • Inspect and if necessary repair or replace:
    • CV joints and boots
    • Drive shafts and universal joints
    • Front / Rear differential
    • Transfer case
    • Gaskets and seals
  • Inspect all driveline seals for leaks
  • Old differential fluid is removed and replaced with new lubricating fluid
  • Lubricate all components as needed

If your vehicle is showing symptoms of transmission problems, we can help with complete transmission service. Contact us today to set an appointment.

Why is drivetrain service important?

Over time, fluid contamination occurs in the differential, transfer case and transmission. Components in the drivetrain wear, resulting in metal particles that float around in the lubricant. Also, high operating temperatures can cause the lubricating fluid to break down, developing a gummy texture that doesn’t properly lubricate the gears. The contaminated fluid should be drained out, or it will adversely impact the life of the system. Replacing this fluid at appropriate intervals can help prevent premature wear and damage caused by contaminated or broken-down lubricant. Differential, transfer case, and transmission service can help prevent drivetrain problems.

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