Steering & Suspension Systems

A sound steering and suspension system allows the driver to maneuver safely and provides ride comfort while minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise. As essential components in the suspension system, shocks and struts must be in optimal condition. Worn shocks and struts adversely impact how your wheels contact the road, and may cause dangerous swaying, hydroplaning, as well as poor road handling and holding.

It is usually recommended to have your steering and suspension checked every 50,000 miles, or whenever your vehicle manufacturer manual recommends. You should have the system checked sooner if you notice signs of problems.

Symptoms your shocks and struts may need service:

  • Excessive noise when traveling on bumpy road conditions
  • Uneven or unusual tread wear
  • Shaking or excessive vibration in steering wheel
  • Noticeable bounce or wandering
  • Uneven or unusual tire wear

Our expert technicians will:

  • Inspect the entire steering and suspension system
  • Inspect shocks and struts for problems
  • Remove and replace worn shocks and struts when needed

Having your steering and suspension system regularly checked by our professionals will help you to avoid costly damage to your vehicle and tires. We will provide a complete inspection and when necessary provide replacement shocks and struts of the highest quality. Contact us today to set an appointment.

Why is steering and suspension service important?

The steering and suspension system of your vehicle assures safety, optimal ride comfort, and handling performance. Over time, commonly encountered road conditions can lead to the weakening of the shocks, struts, and springs of your suspension system. Compromised suspension parts can reduce vehicle stability, impact your ability to control the vehicle, and accelerate tire tread wear.

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